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Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. I have spend my time with friends and enjoying the sun here in Oslo as much as we can before the rain comes back. I’m not going to lie, it was really nice to be a bit lazy and not plan every minute of the day like I usually do.

During friday I lounged around the house, ordered take out, and caught up on my favorite shows and having my lovely Ellen visiting me. However, since I'm super hyper and my friends as well, we ventured out for a brunch and little party on Saturday. And it just so happened to be the perfect opportunity to wear this lovely summer dress. Wrap dresses are just lovely and easy for summer, and I couldn’t resist getting this one. I absolutely love the flowery prints, I’ve been obsessing over them for summer actually, and the slightly leg opening make the dress stand out so much more.

I paired the dress with a black bag with fringing to the sides, and I think they make the perfect companions. I finished off the look with neutral accessories, rings and well... my tattoos take a lot of attention already (hihi) — And Also my favoite heels from Sandro Paris.

How about you guys, what’s your favorite way to spend long weekends?


(Click on the picture to find the dress you wish online) <3

Pictures By Mikael Örtenheim

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Hello There you! <3
I suppose a better title for this post is about this floral fixation.
This dress is so feminine, delicate and perfectly detailed, can't deny that some pieces from Zara are so out-of-this-world stunning, I honestly feel like a kid in a candy store every time I check out their new collection for dresses every summer; and this year is no exception of course, and my dress obsession right now is crazy, and I'm happy to get some good pieces for a less expensive price.
Everything about it is simply perfect! The print, the cut, and how it falls is absolutely darling!

I’ve been obsessively wearing it everywhere and with everything ( btw, it looks super cute paired with denim sneakers )! So chances are, it’s going to be a staple, so I hope you don’t mind seeing quite a bit of it this Summer!:)




I love my body! Call me vain, call me arrogant, call me a bitch. I don’t care. I’ve got every right to love every single part of who I am, from my stretchmarks, to my hips, to the mole on my right shoulder. It’s all mine, and it’s all beautiful. But before you go jumping to conclusions, this self-love isn’t something I had the privilege of being born with. It didn’t come to me overnight, and it still threatens to slip away from me on occasions. This self-love has come to me after over a decade of self-hate and self-abuse in the form of an eating disorder. It was a hard won love.

My new body is probably the hardest part about recovery. Because I have been in my eating disorder for a long time, I got stretchmarks that seemed to appear overnight, cellulite I previously thought was something only older people got and fat in places that honestly made me cry. I struggled with these new additions for quite a while and still do. One year of therapy has helped me to overcome many fears, traumatic experiences and the image that I have to my body and Bulimia, Still... I have to work with myself in many ways to not let "the bad" thoughts into my head; because I'm more than enough, not only physically but mentally too.

Although I would love to get rid of my cellulite and stretchmarks, if it means relapsing into my eating disorder and risking my life, I would take my cellulite & stretchmarks any day. I have not just gain weight, I gained freedom and life. I am not ashamed that my body is beautiful and healthy now. My stretchmarks are more beautiful than my sick body and mind. Because of my round cheeks, my smile isn’t fake anymore and it’s a lot brighter too. My body’s natural fat is padding to my body so I can sit and lay down comfortably instead of being in pain while trying to relax. With every kilo I gained, I gained another day and another piece of me. When I hear the negative thoughts in my head and I start comparing myself to others, I remember others are doing the same to me. We live in a world where perfection is strived for yet it doesn’t exist. I have laughed, loved and lived more in this body than I ever had in my other one and I would never trade that to be “perfect.”



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I love perfect bold red lip. Every now and then I like to go all the way and add red lips to my make-up look. Night-time occasions like a dinner or party often get me excited for a vibrant color on my lips. Did you know that blue-based red lipsticks make your teeth appear whiter than the ones that tend to have an orange undertone?

I use lip pencils a lot because I love how they can be used to change the shape of your lips without having to take any drastic measures! Most of the time I use a lip pencil without any lipstick on top of it during the day because I love the matte finish and the pigmentation is great as well. MAC has some of my favorite lip products and their pencils work wonders for shaping, lining, and defining my lips. There are also a lot of colors to choose from—I like this one shade called Ruby Woo because I think it blends nicely and looks just stunning. I

Sometimes having glossy red lips are really beautiful, and this YSL Glossy stain (9 Rouche Laque) makes a good team with the lip pencil as well thanks to its color impact and comfortable wear. Deep red is definitely a shade that pairs beautifully with this summer wardrobe.

Jag älskar perfekta röda läppar. Av och till gillar jag att lägga till röda läppar i min sminkning för en middag eller fest med vänner. Visste du att blåa röda läppstift gör dina tänder vitare än de som brukar ha en orange underton?
Här hittar du mina senaste favoriter, när det kommer till röd läppstift på läpparna.