This little outfit has been waiting for its turn for a while, mainly due to the bad weather all these days in Oslo. Luckily the sun came up the whole morning which seemed to be the perfect time to rock it.

Getting to throw on my favorite  jackets during the winter months is the easiest way to ramp up any outfit on the go. It is the perfect transition piece and easy to layer with other items, like this velvet jacket from Zaful.
The versatility is key and with this kind of jacket as the statement piece; minimalism with other pieces is a priority. The jacket easily dresses up or down a casual. Like for example a pair of trousers and white sneakers.


Jacket/Zaful (HERE); Blouse/ Gina Tricot; Sunglasses/ RayBan.


Fully Dressed.


Good morning and happy almost weekend, everyone!

I fell in love with this dreamy dress the moment I saw it! I think what makes it so special for me is the beautiful combination of the wonderful green color, the black details and a classically elegant shape! Feminine and fun yet so very polished and sophisticated! Basically, everything I could hope for in a dress and more!

Adding colors and different materials into my closet is a main goal this year.
Personally the Party season ain’t over; i have several birthday parties these upcoming weeks.

You guys already know about the love i have for leather jackets; specially this one that I’m using with this outfit. It has been following my fashion journey since the start.
What i love about this jacket is all the details and zippers; enough to make the outfit a little bit more rough and edgy.


Since this beautiful dress takes enough attention, I wanted to work my way around it. Using statement accessories is the perfect way to make your party outfit stand out in a delicate and edgy way.


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Lately, I started to notice that my body feels the affect of the stress it has gone through during the past few weeks. My hair is falling, my skin is dry, my eyes are red most of the time and i have pain in my back… Is this how it feels to be old? Jesus. If we could only be kids once again.
Isn’t a little nice to wear a little bit of pink & Orange? Fun colors to work with even though we are kind of scared to use them during the winter since we loose that fab tan from the summer. These colors are extremely easy to style if most of your clothes during the winter are black just like mine.


I actually started with one piece and decided I wanted to build my look around it. It all started with the black jumpsuit that is anything but simple. When I saw this pink winter coat i already knew i needed to have it . It has this very contemporary feminine quality to it, with the fitting and color. It is intricate without being to complicated and really radiates this casual sophistication that is both romantic and edgy.

To make it a little more special, I paired it with this vibrant orange sweater that really pops, but doesn’t draw your attention away from the color of the gorgeous winter coat. To accessorize, I carried around a full detailed pink purse. The color palette of this outfit has the perfect amount of brightness. Since my clothing options are usually based on my mood on that particular day, imagine how happy I was feeling this particular day.


Coat & Sweater/ Sandro Paris, Bag/ Gina Tricot, Jumpsuit/Maje.

Pictures by Mikael Örtenheim


The Maxi Dress.


I don’t normally wear maxi dresses; just because of the fact that i’m really short and i was afraid of looking even more short wearing one.
I happen to come across something particularly special like this sexy yet so sophisticated and delicate dress for example, I don’t mind making an exception! Perfect in every possible way, I really can’t decide what it is that I love most about it, the print, the split or how it delicate hits the floor.

Perhaps, it’s the combination of all of the above, but whatever it is, I am completely and utterly obsessed with it at the moment!


Since it’s xmas soon; i decided to pair the dress with a pair of fully detailed earrings  that makes the whole outfit stand out a bit more; also red lips and a pair of heels to complete the  look.


Heels/ Public Desire (HERE) Earrings/ Zaful (HERE)

Pictures by : Mikael Örtenheim




List of products:

Concealer: Urban Decay Color Corrector (Shade Peach)
CC Cream : NYX (Shade Medium)
Illuminator: Urban Decay
Eyeshadow Primer: Primer Potion
Eyeshadow Palette: Naked Ultimate Basics Urban Decay
Countoring Kit: Nars Contour Blush
Brow Pen: Anastasia Berverly Hills (Shade Medium Dark)
Mascara: Hypnose – Lancôme
Eyeliner: Hypnose Liner- Lancôme
Pink Blush: Fard Ombré- Nyx
Highlighters : Glowkit -Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lipstick: L’absolu Rouge- Lancôme
Lip pencil: Ruby  Rue- Mac


Be Somebody.


First of all i need to apologize from being away from my blog for such a long while. I have been dealing with a lot of struggles in my life for the moment that have been taking all the positive energy from my heart & Soul. I felt that i did wanted to let my thoughts out here  since this blog is where i feel i can put on my thoughts without getting judge or mistreated in any way.

Life is a gift of god. It is beautiful yet unpredictable. If at times you have enjoyed life to its fullest there will also be times when you are let down. We all go through hard times. No matter however satisfied you are, everyone goes through the most difficult situations of life. Life is not a bed of roses. The difficult situations play the role of thorns in it. There comes a time on life when you are a little blue. One or the other rough situation occurs in your life which leaves you shattered with a heavy heart. You are left hopeless. Most difficult situations of life may be different according to different people. Some may get affected by one and some by the other. These situations that you go through are just a test of your patience. You need to act strong. Therefore, stay calm and let go. Don’t give up.


Making an attempt to do something and getting a negative response comes as a failure in life. It is a state or condition wherein a certain objective is not met. Dealing with a failure is a tough situation. Facing failures and learning from them is the right thing to do but seldom are people able to do that.

Losing in any kind of way is difficult; all from Job, relationship, friendship and future plans is where we have to be less hard on ourselves in order to jump into a new adventure of our lives. If one of them fails; it’s normal and we should see it as a lesson for the future.

We need to surround ourselves with people we love; also make a safe space where you can be totally yourself.  This way you’ll be able to become stronger and face life in other way (This takes time). You need to muster a lot of courage and stand for yourself in such cases in order to go through to the situation.

Dealing with a bad situation can be a lot like dealing with grief, and people often go through the same stages: shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, and so on.
You might not be able to fully squelch your emotions, but you can decide to accept what’s happened, regardless of how you feel about it. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can act from where you are, which is the only way to change how you feel.


Shoes/ Zara, Bag/Inga Xavier/ Dress/ Sandro

Pictures: Mikael Örtenheim


Wrap me up in Autumn Colors.


Since the unpredictable Scandinavian weather  has been having menopause, it has been really hard to be able to shoot looks for you guys. I’m deeply sorry for this… But since i live in a country that 50% is snow, 48% is rain and 2% is sun, it can be really challenging for me to be able to shoot the way i like.

But the good news are that my talented photographer Mikael has got new camera equipment for us to be able to work when the weather is bad. We will be able to shoot inside without being completely needing the sunlight; which is really good.


Anyways, I really love the way this outfit looks. It’s sophisticated yet so comfortable! I have always been a fan of big and soft scarfs during the autumn and winter; it does so much to a whole dark outfit and also not to forget… keeping you warm.
Here i’m using the scarf around my upper body and securing it with a belt.

Since the scarf has different kind of colors; i paired together with a burgundy bag to give my outfit a little bit more of life on these dark days.

I really love these kind of looks; easy to achieve and not necessary expensive; Which i think it’s a big plus 😉 .


Bag/ Inga Xavier.

Photography: Mikael Örtenheim
Edited: Gambitsky




The key to pulling off an all black outfit like this for these sorts of occasions is mixing and matching materials to add dimension rather than being minimal and flat.
This skirt has such delicate details.  I love the endings with the lace and open sides of this skirt. I have also chosen to wear the skirt with a silky shirt and a pink sweater to make my outfit stand out and also because of the weather is colder now.
I really love the elegance of this look.
To finalize this outfit, it never hurts to accessorize with a bag with a splash of details. The size is just right for a coffee date with friends or a party as it’s able to hold all of my essentials, plus it compliments the entire ensemble just right.

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