To have the freedom to wear whatever i want it’s something that i’m really grateful to have.
To hear 10000 times that i should wear more girly clothes and also behave as one; not that much grateful for. But the fact is that i don’t really believe in the terms girly and boyish. – Why? Well, because people express themselves in many different ways; for me it is through clothes. Does that mean that i am less lady if i wear baggy clothes? – No!
Correct me if I’m wrong, but every morning after taking a shower and having breakfast the next thing you have to think of is the outfit of the day, Don’t you? Well, through your outfit you show for example the kind of work you have, mood, or you just want to rock the new clothes or shoes you just got; because it makes you feel good about yourself. None questions about gender, or style.. you just do it; because it is about you and the wonderful ego-boost your clothes can give you.
So if there is anyone saying to you the same thing as i hear almost everyday; Just turn your back and rock your outfits. Guy or Lady.. make the best of
Y O U!

Pictures by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited By Gambitsky






Pictures Taken By Mårten Nilsson

“I believe that there are three conditions to a woman’s beauty. First, you must realize that not all woman are beautiful all the time. Sometimes beauty comes on a subconscious level. When she is in love, or has met someone new and exciting, she shines. Second, you must understand that life is unfair. Beauty is something that, for some, must be worked at. The third condition is luck. Some women can just be lucky.”
Yohji Yamamoto
Hope everyone has a wonderful week so far!




For those who worried about my absence, I’m still here but I have been very busy with meetings, shootings and more work; as well as keeping up with my friends and family.
Other than that I finally got the chance to look for a new skirt since the new season has already kicked in and I’m very happy with this one. The flowers, the fabric and the detailing on it were the things that caught my eye and it fits my current style perfectly.




It’s time to lighten up, ladies. Summer is usually the time of the year to go blonder or add some sun-kissed strands to your mane.  I decided to compile my comprehensive guide to highlighting your hair. Below you will find my tips for keeping your highlights looking natural, your hair healthy, and your beauty budget in check.

Before I begin, let me just say that my No. 1 tip is to leave it to a professional. If you want professional-looking highlights, you’re going to have to pay for them. That said, I have a few suggestions to keep in mind before, during, and after your visit to the salon. Here’s how to keep your color bright and your roots in check…

Stretch Your Budget
Since I would only recommend having a professional handle your highlights, the key to wallet-friendly color is stretching the time between trips to the salon. Four to eight weeks is the standard amount of time between salon visits, but even that is a big window. The highlights that require the least amount of upkeep start only a shade or two darker than your natural hair color and fade into a lighter color toward the tips of your tresses. Depending on how light you want to go, you might want to try either a dirty-blonde-to-honey-blonde or honey-blonde-to-beach-blonde gradient. Lastly, ask your hairstylist to use a toning gloss to seal in the color and make it last longer. This (along with a color care shampoo and conditioner at home) will prevent your color from looking dull as the weeks go by.

Maintain Healthy Hair
Lightening your hair automatically puts it in more fragile territory. So when I’m at the salon getting my color done, I always ask for a deep conditioning treatment as well. It makes a big difference in keeping my hair looking healthy. If you have color treated hair, it is also a good idea to avoid styling products that have a lot of alcohol in them, like many hair sprays. Alcohol will dry out your stresses and leach out the color. I also recommend using use a heat-protecting product when you’re blowing out, curling, or straightening your hair.



After being extremely busy with work and several events; i have finally the pleasure to introduce you to an another of the stories of Amsterdam. This story is About My Sneaker Match; a concept created in Amsterdam By Niels Pourchez and his lovely lady Ginney Noa.



My Sneaker Match was inspired by creativity and the will of inspire others with their vision on creativity.
In life every single person is creating his or her own identity by making choices. You create an identity by styling yourself as well as molding your own personality.
The thing is that behind each outfit there is a story. We don’t share these stories by words but with the brands we wear. These unknown stories were the beginning of my inspiration to create something- Says Niels.


Niels fell in love with Ginney Noa for a time ago.  – She is strictly the most amazing and creative woman he has ever met with a lot of ambitions. From that moment he knew that they were the perfect team to create a concept that they would find themselves in.
After putting all their ideas together they created MY SNEAKER MATCH.
Since both of them work in the fashion industry, they have knowledge of styling as well as photography which make them a great team to create new styles, presenting different kind of people with different kind of personalities . Keeping still their distinguish concept.

IMG_8383 IMG_8444

On my sneaker match you will find an experience of stories. These stories consist of  unique outfits of different kind of brands and exclusive sneakers. My sneaker Match will mark the details and show you how to create a great outfit to tell your own story.


This concept will cover stories with creative influences from the fashion industry. The most important for Ginney and Niels is that people can find themselves in their unique concept.

-They also want to be inspired and inspire other with stories from other countries outside the Netherlands . The start of their journey will be this summer in the U.S.
The Website will be up again soon, but if you want to see more about My Sneaker Match make sure to check out Ginneys Blogg (HERE) and Niels Instagram (HERE)


IMG_8016 (1)IMG_8268