Natural and healthy skin is something that I really look to have every single day before putting any make up on or just having a bare face, I thought what better time is there to share my favorite skin care products than now that the summer is just around the corner.

Sometimes it’s nice to let your skin breath without makeup and really connect with your natural beauty, am I right? Though I use a lot of different things and am constantly experimenting, I only wanted to share what I felt to be the most effective products—the ones that I can always rely on and come back on a daily basis.

Glam Glow Gravitymud:
I sometimes use this in the morning when I wake up before jumping into the shower. I leave it on my skin until it dries, around 15-20 minutes and peel it off right after. It leaves your skin feeling firmer and more lifted. I really love the feeling & glow this product gives to my skin. It’s a great way to start the day!

Swiss clinic :
I’ve used this cream for a couple of months now and I always come back to it because it really gets the job done. Not only is it a great moisturizer, but it’s a great primer for foundation. I always put it on in the morning & night since it also has a night cream and it really hydrates my skin when it feels dull and tired, kind of renewing the natural glow of it.  Just a dab on your fingers and gently massage in circular motions until it dries.

And there you have it! My favorite skin care products that keep my skin looking healthy and feeling fresh without makeup. Don’t forget to celebrate your natural beauty! :*

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