I have always believed in the importance of a great fragrance. The scent you leave behind is sort of like your signature, something that is uniquely you, and I believe, it says a lot more about you and your personal style than clothing and accessories do!

Personally, I like to try out  different fragrances and find myself using two different ones depending on my mood or what I’m wearing for the day.  Wearing perfume for me it’s very important; I would never leave the house without putting it on… Otherwise I would feel very naked.
Even though I use two different perfumes during the week; the two of them become my signature smell, and I recently discovered two of Yves Saint Laurent , Called Mon Paris & Black Opium Floral Shock perfumes. The blend of luxurious blossoms and spiced notes gives me a sense of romance and confidence.  Something about these incredibly chic and sexy fragrances has truly captured my imagination and even inspired my personal style as of late!

Take today’s look for example. I wanted to create a look that would balance sensual and sophisticated elements with a little sweet elements. I opted for a cute jumpsuit with long sleeves which help add an elegant touch to this otherwise very sexy number.

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