It is not a secret that I’m into sneakers; you guys are very curious on snapchat asking about the models and the brands I use. Personally I wouldn’t call myself a sneaker-head; I don’t collect sneakers in that way. I get what it looks different or what I feel it’s gonna suit my street-wear the best.

How I Usually I pick up them by colors, textures, or just how the model of the sneaker looks like. These pair of blue Adidas Clima Cool are just a dream; they are see through on the sides and the shoe has a the same see through detail on  the front; which makes the sneaker stand out, helping your outfit to stand out as much as the shoes. Cool, huh?.

To complete my look, I decided to wear a lovely 80’s inspired jacket and an black overall. These are the kind of outfits I really enjoy wearing. Don’t get me wrong, wearing heels and being preppy is very fun to. But this style, is what I rather wear for a day out with friends or a lunch.

Tracksuit Jacket- Reebok Classic Vector Full Zip

Pictures by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky

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