Unique ways of having balance in your live.

Hello my lovely cupcakes!

You know how much I love to share my life experiences with you; I also appreciate the lovely words I get from you every single time I put my heart out here. Life is not easy; but we can make it a little bit easier by trying new things that work better for our daily routines, communication with others and experimenting with yourself and what’s around you.
I am a really organized person, I still get really nervous and anxious about the little things in life or when I feel as if I have a to-do list breathing down my back. And though I am super happy a majority of the time, stress is my worst enemy. It makes me want to cry, push away everyone, lash out, and sort of just want to disappear for a little. Which is why it has become so important to me that I don’t get to those points…which can be so hard–especially when I (and a majority of all of us) have emails, due dates, blogging picture due dates, meetings. But, that is why balance is also so important.
I learned that the best way I get things done is to do them as early as possible. This eliminates so, so much of my stress. Basically, if I have a free day or a free chunk of time out of my day in which I have no plans, I start an assignment that might be due like a week or two from then. I know, it seems a little insane, but you will be so shocked when you realize how much stress that eliminates.
Now, what about other things? When I am done with what I have to do, I reward myself. That is when I take my blogging pictures, listen to music, feeling free and happy and as if I have conquered my day. Just utilize that time to do the things you love to do. Write, maybe see a friend, go for coffee.
So many of you have part-time jobs, internships, sports.
#1. With your leftover time, divide it up. One hour for yoga, another hour for photography/writing. Then, after dinner and when you’re having relaxing time, answer a couple of emails, prepare yourself for tomorrow, plan out your outfit. I love planning the night before because I know then I won’t be scrambling in the morning–I can have my cup of coffee, check Instagram, maybe even watch the news. It just gives a real sense of inner peace and you will feel even more stress-free.
While we are talking about balance, I also want to say that I think it is really important if you can just have a day, or maybe even half a day, to just focus on yourself. No work, no assignments, just you and maybe a nice shower/bath, some tea, a facial, a book. If every week you can have a little time to yourself, it will make you feel even more balanced and happy.
Conquering balance in your life is not an easy thing. Even though I have found the routines that work for me, I still get stressful moments. You just have to breathe and realize that everything will seriously be okay. And that there are always people out there to help. I love you and I’m sorry if this was one big jumble, hopefully it was easy to read and really helped if you are struggling with how to get a routine down. Let me know in the comments what you think or maybe if you have your own unique ways of having balance in your live.

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