Use your repair shampoo and conditioner after you finish bleaching. The faster you get the repair product in your hair, the better the results. Massage your scalp gently and slowly work the shampoo from your head down to the tips of the hair
Try to use the coldest shower water you can, as heat hurts hair.  I’m using a tone correcting Shampoo & Conditioner that helps to keep a colder tone while giving it the moisturizing that it needs.

Gently towel your hair and then let it air dry. You do not want to use blow-dryers or heat to dry off. Use your fingers and a towel to get most of the water off, but let your hair air-dry for the most part. If you want to style your hair Use a heat protection on your hair.

Apply a dry conditioner or a Moisturizing oil Mist . Apply it before bed and leave it in overnight. Dry conditioner / Oil mist supplies vital moisture and nutrients needed to keep it healthy and happy.

Repeat this care for 2-3 more times for the first week after bleaching. One treatment will help your hair, but you need to keep your hair healthy shortly after getting it bleached to prevent it from breaking, getting split ends, or drying out. <3
Use tones of Coconut Oil as well, if you feel that your hair is way too damaged.

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