Setting a perfectly wardrobe can be fun and it can absolutely put you free. You will need less, and focus on buying better.  My essentials define my closet quite strong; which makes my mornings less stressful.
My Ladies; combining different pieces can be tricky, but clothes are to have fun and show off your beautiful figure.


What you should have in your Closet:
A Pencil Skirt is a perfect piece that you can dress up with a pair of heels and a blouse; or simply dress it down with a pair of sneakers. It’s very flattering, it says you’re a super woman who’s independent and strong. It works perfectly at night or for an important meeting.

gambitsky9 (kopia)

A T-shirt; it’s simple and easy. I wear different kind of T-shirts during summer; it works perfectly with pretty much everything. Which makes it a must piece in your closet; trust me Girlfriend… You won’t regret it.


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