Trends, Trends, Trends!
Am i the only one who has a difficult time to find out what kind of hair trends we have this year? Who cares about trends anyways ;D
– I’m very happy to see the freedom we have with our hair nowadays, to bleach it, dyeing it using crazy and gorgeous colors and last but not least cutting it in different ways.
But not all of us are committed to dye our hair in different colors since it literally kills our hair.
If you have been reading my blog for a while now; you probably know i had been a big fan of  dyeing my hair in several colors which at the end made me cut my hair short and go back to my dark hair.
That’s why I’m so happy about this product.

If you follow me on Snapchat (Gambitsky) You probably had seen that I was lucky enough to join the Nordic Colorista Squad to Stockholm for the launching of this new product that I’m so exited to introduce.


Colorista is pretty much make up for your hair. You can spray your hair with 5 different colors that washes out when you shower your hair.  This product really gives you the freedom to wear different hair colors without damaging your hair; which I really love.
Since my lovely Sandra and I were attending a party during the weekend I had the freedom to fix her hair and Well… as you can see I went kind of crazy on her hair. But I really love the results; it looks very natural on the hair and it doesn’t stain your clothes. (Style & Apply the Colorista spray on your hair BEFORE wearing your pretty clothes; that process can be a little bit messy. Thank me later Girlfriend. 😉
Also some of you might wonder what kind of colors  Girls with black hair can use; and I’m happy to announce that We can actually use the Pastel Blue & Lavender colors. For the best results spray quite close to your hair, that way the color will be more visible.