Publisert: 02. september 2015

Ok, i have become a really big fan of stripes; i cannot deny it!
I didn’t like it that much before since i didn’t felt like it was matching my style, but to be honest… i don’t really have a “Camila” style anymore. you already know that i’m a huge fan of wearing black… but to be honest i have been using more and more colors for each day that goes by. Or well, at least different kind of blues, pinks (yes, pink) and green!

Even though that the horrible weather of the Autumn is coming, I’m so looking forward to the fall fashion!! I LOVE to use layers on layers, different shades of different neutral colors and of course coffee in cozy places in Oslo or maybe i’ll try to make a trip to Paris to experience the Autumn there :) !
Let’s stripes our towns together <3

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Publisert: 25. august 2015

tumblr_nt31lqEJ1v1rmy13no8_1280 Luxury-Japanese-Home-Ideas-at-Hansha-Reflection-House-Minimalist-Interior-Design tumblr_nte82i3ld01tsfm7to1_1280
tumblr_ntl2fhTThe1r6kaa9o3_1280 tumblr_ntclt7s61P1r6kaa9o2_1280tumblr_ntgbkqiihu1r6kaa9o5_1280
tumblr_ntmgu8vZpT1qb3jnco1_1280Oh these places are gorgeous!, beside clothes and sneakers i have a big love for interior as well.
I moved recently to a new house with my peeps that i love to live with, so far my idea of room is getting there though it is not even close to what you see on the pictures above… My new Japanese bed is on it’s way as well as a new edgy closet to my clothes and shoes.
I love white places, specially here in the Scandinavia since it gets so dark in the winter.
Some people have asked me what is my favorite brand when it comes to interior since they have seen some pictures of some places i have been on instagram.. And to be honest i’m not that into brands when it comes to make the house nice. But i have some stuff from HAY and actually some stuff from Ikea.
Mostly of my inspiration comes from friends, blogs and also my own ideas! If you want to check out one of my favotite blogs when it comes to architecture & interior, do it HERE :)

(The Pictures aren’t mine)

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Publisert: 23. august 2015

IMG_0460-2 IMG_0490-2 IMG_0474-2 IMG_0472-2 IMG_0486-2
What is beauty for you? What is beauty for me?
Well, there are several answers for that questions for every single person.
I used to have a kind of immature answer for that in my younger years, everything was based on looks to be honest.
It is not a secret that there is a lot of pressure on looks in girls & guys now days; and it is something that makes me feel kind of stressed out to be honest; especially in the industry i work for.
Years ago i used to be extremely sick with different kind stuff; because i let people’s ideas of beauty get into my head. My heart, soul and body were crying out loud to be free, screaming to be loved by me and not by other people’s meaning of it. Today, my body is full of what i see as”scars”-(stretch marks). So, the question is.. How do i start loving myself and my body?
The answer for that question for me today, is hard still. But for each day that goes by i learn to appreciate my body, to take care of it because at the end of the day what matters is what i feel and not what other people see on me.
-My point of this post is that It is time for you to see yourself as you truly are, and not for what other people expect you to be-

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Do it HERE or Click on the picture below <3, It would mean a lot to me!
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Publisert: 22. august 2015

IMG_0465 IMG_0529 IMG_0504 IMG_0587IMG_0461I’m a person who believes in good actions, if you do something good; life will pay you back twice as good than you actually gave from the first beginning.  Why do i believe in this? – you probably wonder..
Well, in my short life i have experience & seen things; maybe not the best things but it is something that have made me the person that I am today.
Life gave me the opportunity to learn, see and hear to others…To appreciate what i have; from love from my family & friends to work and all other i’m blessed to have.
My mother, the strongest person i know made us soldiers of life. She always has been the person who helps others no matter how bad she has it. She shares, she listens, she is there for you. Life has given her and her 4 little ducks the opportunity to live in new countries with new experiences, languages & opportunities in their future.
She taught us how to be kind, sweet, patient but also how to be strong, smart and tough.
Today I’m a lady who is grateful, who likes to give without expecting others to give me, because at the end of the day… Life will give me back what i deserve.

Thank you for reading!

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Publisert: 21. august 2015

IMG_0118smink  Since my skin is screaming for freedom from all make up, i have been trying to use less of it.
Also i find my eyeliner a little bit too hard to my face sometimes since my haircolor is lighter than before. Though I’m not gonna stop using it; otherwise i feel like a boy.
But here is the little make up tutorial of one of my make up looks.
1. Start concealing your cutiepie face!
2. Take a light eyeshadow and highlight under your brow bone.
3. Take a golden eyeshadow and apply above the crease of the eye to create more shape.
4. Contour your cheeks & Highlight your cheekbones.

IMG_0115 (kopia)

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Publisert: 20. august 2015

_MG_0073gambitsky _MG_0080gambitsky _MG_0072gambitsky Every time we put our clothes on we make a statement about ourselves.
Whether it has to do with identity or tradition there is a story which is been told.
Along the way a story can get dull and looking for a new chapter to write can be challenging.
As it comes to style when one’s are very certain of who they are, style will involve by day.
Under involving includes change.
Diversity is what finds style and one’s destination isn’t a place.

Pictures taken by Mikael Örtenheim

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Publisert: 19. august 2015

IMG_9955IMG_9947 IMG_9943IMG_9956Photos By Ginney Noa
Hi Guys!
Sorry for the low update here, but i had my vacation recently & i really needed to take some time for myself.
The 3 past weeks i have been traveling around, and it is always nice to meet new people as well as meeting my friends in other parts of the world.
I spent the last 8 days in Amsterdam & Rotterdam with amazing people that took good care of me. Though some of my days weren’t the best because of a situation, i really enjoyed myself.
I can proudly say that i have amazing friends in The Netherlands, which feels very good!
I’ll be putting more pictures of my trip later on and write more about it; since i felt to update my blog fast before work.

¨Also, i’m in love with this outfit! I’m trying to use more blue denim & a little bit more of colors from time to time. I’ll show you guys how to style this denim skirt with other items than sneakers and crop tops in the future. ¨

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Publisert: 10. august 2015

_DSC3857gambitsky _DSC3831gambitsky _DSC3839gambitsky  Photos by Mårten Nilsson

Hatar att säga detta här med har fått otrolig avsmak av alla dessa kaxiga bloggare som beter sig som Jay Z och Beyonce på gatorna. Jag är själv en bloggare och stolt över det! Men det finns inget mer irriterande och fult är alla dessa människor som ser ner på dig, som inte umgås med dig om du inte har en status inom nån slags bransch, eller om du inte har dem dyraste kläderna som dem inser stylish.
Anledningen till varför jag började blogga för några år sen, var på grund av jag ville hålla min familj uppdaterad då jag flyttade hemifrån samt utveckla mina skills inom det jag älskar som mest som är fotografi; Jag såg aldrig mig själv i det samhället jag är i dag. Min blogg har öppnat otrolig många dörrar för mig; bland annat inom jobb, personlig utveckling och en oändlig kärlek för min egen skull, och det är jag tacksam för!.
Jag har aldrig sett mig själv som en “kändis” eller viktigare än någon annan på grund av det jag gör eller antal följare på mina sociala medior.
Idag blev jag bevisat på hur en del (inte alla) människor inom bloggvärlden kan vara, och det gör mig otrolig besviken och spyfärdig för att vara helt ärlig!.
Mitt poäng med denna arga inlägget är att allt är inte som framstår i sociala medior, en söt karamell framför kameran med äckligt smak när du väl suger i den.

Jag har stort troende på att om du hjälper människor i din omgivning och är tacksam i livet så kommer livet att belöna dig med otrolig fina och spännande erfarenheter. 

Och nej, jag ska inte sluta blogga <3

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Publisert: 09. august 2015

_DSC3968 _DSC3987 _DSC3971 _DSC3993Photos Taken By Mårten Nilsson

And i’m finally back from Fashion Week in Copenhagen, Denmark. I feel very blessed to had the opportunity to follow my collegues at Me & My Brothers Agency with our own brand M.A.M.B OSLO, I’m really inspired by their creativity, spirit and how hard they work.
I got to meet amazing people with great style; eat ice cream and do what i do best.. Photography :) ! Unfortunately i couldn’t take any pictures of myself there since i didn’t had anyone to help me taking pictures since the guys were working.

Now it is 2 Days left to Amsterdam & I’m so exited to see all my friends there again. I’ll be packing outfits and fixing the last stuff i have to do before i travel, which is a lot! but i got this!
Btw i really love this outfit; so comfortable but yet so stylish.. The dress is from Mads Nørgaard, the coat from BLK DNM & Sneakers from Reebok 😉 .


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Publisert: 28. juli 2015

Pictures Taken By Mårten Nilsson

“I believe that there are three conditions to a woman’s beauty. First, you must realize that not all woman are beautiful all the time. Sometimes beauty comes on a subconscious level. When she is in love, or has met someone new and exciting, she shines. Second, you must understand that life is unfair. Beauty is something that, for some, must be worked at. The third condition is luck. Some women can just be lucky.”
Yohji Yamamoto
Hope everyone has a wonderful week so far!
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Publisert: 26. juli 2015

_DSC3607gambitsky _DSC3636gambitsky _DSC3654gambitsky _DSC3632gambitsky _DSC3608gambitsky Blouse- Scoth & Soda//  Bag- Tiger of Sweden // Hat- Nina Jarebrink //
Pictures taken by Mårten Nilsson.

After several hours of work this week, I’m all about the cozy sunday; I cannot explain how tired i am but at the same time how proud i am of myself and people around me.
I have been working at nights with my brother at the agency; and it is always nice to have deep conversations with him.
Not many people actually know who i am 100 percent, and because of all my experiences in life through my short age my heart and brain have a lot of wisdom; believe it or not.
Our conversation was based of not being scared of new experiences and judgment from others, the only one who stops dreams, challenges and new experiences in life is yourself. Of course we are scared of the unknown; but my conclusion is that if we let our fears take over we won’t be able to reach our goals and experience amazing life stories. I can keep this post going for ages, trying to explain this… but i think you already know this.
You got this…

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Publisert: 24. juli 2015

IMG_2487gambitskyIMG_2493GAMBITSKYFor those who worried about my absence, I’m still here but I have been very busy with meetings, shootings and more work; as well as keeping up with my friends and family.
Other than that I finally got the chance to look for a new skirt since the new season has already kicked in and I’m very happy with this one. The flowers, the fabric and the detailing on it were the things that caught my eye and it fits my current style perfectly.

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Publisert: 16. juli 2015


It’s time to lighten up, ladies. Summer is usually the time of the year to go blonder or add some sun-kissed strands to your mane.  I decided to compile my comprehensive guide to highlighting your hair. Below you will find my tips for keeping your highlights looking natural, your hair healthy, and your beauty budget in check.

Before I begin, let me just say that my No. 1 tip is to leave it to a professional. If you want professional-looking highlights, you’re going to have to pay for them. That said, I have a few suggestions to keep in mind before, during, and after your visit to the salon. Here’s how to keep your color bright and your roots in check…

Stretch Your Budget
Since I would only recommend having a professional handle your highlights, the key to wallet-friendly color is stretching the time between trips to the salon. Four to eight weeks is the standard amount of time between salon visits, but even that is a big window. The highlights that require the least amount of upkeep start only a shade or two darker than your natural hair color and fade into a lighter color toward the tips of your tresses. Depending on how light you want to go, you might want to try either a dirty-blonde-to-honey-blonde or honey-blonde-to-beach-blonde gradient. Lastly, ask your hairstylist to use a toning gloss to seal in the color and make it last longer. This (along with a color care shampoo and conditioner at home) will prevent your color from looking dull as the weeks go by.

Maintain Healthy Hair
Lightening your hair automatically puts it in more fragile territory. So when I’m at the salon getting my color done, I always ask for a deep conditioning treatment as well. It makes a big difference in keeping my hair looking healthy. If you have color treated hair, it is also a good idea to avoid styling products that have a lot of alcohol in them, like many hair sprays. Alcohol will dry out your stresses and leach out the color. I also recommend using use a heat-protecting product when you’re blowing out, curling, or straightening your hair.

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Publisert: 14. juli 2015

_DSC3337gambitsky _DSC3392GAMBITSKY _DSC3342gambitskyPictures taken by Mårten Nilsson.
Since i had the day off and the weather was nice, i felt for having a very simple outfit which was a very good choice; it was very hot outside and to be honest, even if i love jeans…wearing them now is pretty much suicide.
Also i have been having comments of being a “fashionista” – Really bro?- I hate when people use that term on me. Why you probably wonder? Well, it’s because i just don’t like it. Even if i create my own outfits, very different to other girls in Oslo, and i don’t follow trends; i just don’t feel like that word is meant to be for me.
I want to be free and not being put in a bubble; i do more than fashion :D. But of course i appreciate a lot that people like the way i wear my clothes! <3 So big love.. yo’!

Did you sang? 😛

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Publisert: 13. juli 2015

IMG_0418gambitsky IMG_0433gambitsky IMG_0423gambitsky IMG_0448gambitsky  Even though I come of as a strong believer..
It hasn’t always been like that.
As a matter of fact I have even got to a point where I lost believe in every single human being.
It has been the past year that I’ve learned to trust on myself and those around me, who stands by on the bad and good life experiences.
Not only have I become a believer..
I also became a dreamer.
In the past I kept every dream to my wildest fantasies but nowadays I don’t and i won’t hide them ; I’m embracing every single dream into the fullest.
There may be some who will never believe in me and my capabilities or who knows may not want me to succeed.
And even though I’m not near to close to what I would like to accomplish I know I’ll get me there.
Some dreams have come true while I had least expected it and so quickly.
Believe in your dreams and put new challenges in your life! And be with people who wants you to be successful and want to succeed together with you <3 .

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