I love being short. About a solid 27% of the time. Just like I love working out when I shamelessly haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks; it feels good for a brief moment until you realize once again what a pain in the (sweaty) butt it is. At a solid 158cm, the holy grail of Asos considers me just small enough to shop their wondrous ‘petite collection’ and so I consider myself a petite human being among our giant population that only seems to exist of supermodels walking the earth. And all because my body decided to maintain it’s 12y old form forever. When everyone else was still developing their vertical talents, I too had hopes that one day my legs would be as long and gracious as those of Gisele Bündchen. It took me a long time to finally admit defeat -longer than I’d like to admit- and to come to terms with the fact that I was not born to be a supermodel. Or any kind of model for that matter (one word: chocolate. Okay, two words: chocolate &  white wine).

So every day anew I’m learning to handle the triumphs and trials of my vertically challenged existence. From not being able to reach anything on any upper shelves without having to grab the nearest kiddy stepladder (yes I own one of them, don’t judge) all the way to cute men friends going straight to and hitting on my tall friend when we be grooving in da club (or the nearest party where they serve wine, don’t judge). Said friend -or any other friend for that matter- always seems to lose me in said big crowds when we step on the dance floor.

Here is a short, and massively incomplete, list of other trials that I must deal with every day (ps: tall friends, you know who you are, pay attention):

  • Being used as an armrest at inappropriate times. Actually, there is never an appropriate time to do this.
  • When I switch in my heels for sneakers on one of my fuck-it days, I hear a lot of gasps, get a lot of stares and receive a lot of comments à la “I didn’t know you were so short” –> “Really, I hadn’t noticed.” The surprise-face men friends give me when I take off my heels at their apartment after a night about town reveal their thought process goes something like “She deceived me.” Yep I did. Long live pretty heeled shoes.
  • I always get stuck in the middle of the backseat. Always. I don’t think many people realize just how uncomfortable that middle seat is … right, because they never have to sit there.
  • Ankle grazing maxi-dresses become street-grazing dirty dresses if I wear them. And I love being a princess with long flow-y dresses. Imagine the many silent cries in the fitting room every time such gorgeous long dress looks like they put a kid in her mother’s clothes.
  • I also have an immense urge to massively eyeroll until my eye almost pops out of its eyeholder when magazines tell me to avoid certain styles because they make me look like a less flattering version of myself. If that were true, I wouldn’t be able to wear anything anymore because everything makes me look short; midi dresses, maxi dresses, culottes, wide pants, short pants, long pants, square pants … Like, no. Just no. I will wear trendy pieces and I will then gladly live with the fact that I look like a short, unflattering version of spongebob with said square pants.

Luckily I sometimes still get some triumphs out of being among the tiniest of humans. People are lucky to know me, since I have a big personality to compensate all that height, complete with a whole lot of sassiness and sarcastic nonsense. Yes, I like being mean. No, I am not going to apologize.
I also get to be prime front-and-center in group photos since sticking me in the back means that you’d just see the top of an awesome hairdo. I think of myself more than just a hairdo, thank you very much. I also get access to all the cute-and-also-vertically-challenged guy friends, there is a whole new world down here!

But most of all, us shorties maintain a great perspective on life because we are always looking up and therefore seeing all the positive things life has to offer. When we’re not struggling to grab things off of high shelves or admiring models on Instagram. Well, that’s still about 27% of positivity. Yay shorties!

Photo by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky


Unique ways of having balance in your live.

Hello my lovely cupcakes!

You know how much I love to share my life experiences with you; I also appreciate the lovely words I get from you every single time I put my heart out here. Life is not easy; but we can make it a little bit easier by trying new things that work better for our daily routines, communication with others and experimenting with yourself and what’s around you.
I am a really organized person, I still get really nervous and anxious about the little things in life or when I feel as if I have a to-do list breathing down my back. And though I am super happy a majority of the time, stress is my worst enemy. It makes me want to cry, push away everyone, lash out, and sort of just want to disappear for a little. Which is why it has become so important to me that I don’t get to those points…which can be so hard–especially when I (and a majority of all of us) have emails, due dates, blogging picture due dates, meetings. But, that is why balance is also so important.
I learned that the best way I get things done is to do them as early as possible. This eliminates so, so much of my stress. Basically, if I have a free day or a free chunk of time out of my day in which I have no plans, I start an assignment that might be due like a week or two from then. I know, it seems a little insane, but you will be so shocked when you realize how much stress that eliminates.
Now, what about other things? When I am done with what I have to do, I reward myself. That is when I take my blogging pictures, listen to music, feeling free and happy and as if I have conquered my day. Just utilize that time to do the things you love to do. Write, maybe see a friend, go for coffee.
So many of you have part-time jobs, internships, sports.
#1. With your leftover time, divide it up. One hour for yoga, another hour for photography/writing. Then, after dinner and when you’re having relaxing time, answer a couple of emails, prepare yourself for tomorrow, plan out your outfit. I love planning the night before because I know then I won’t be scrambling in the morning–I can have my cup of coffee, check Instagram, maybe even watch the news. It just gives a real sense of inner peace and you will feel even more stress-free.
While we are talking about balance, I also want to say that I think it is really important if you can just have a day, or maybe even half a day, to just focus on yourself. No work, no assignments, just you and maybe a nice shower/bath, some tea, a facial, a book. If every week you can have a little time to yourself, it will make you feel even more balanced and happy.
Conquering balance in your life is not an easy thing. Even though I have found the routines that work for me, I still get stressful moments. You just have to breathe and realize that everything will seriously be okay. And that there are always people out there to help. I love you and I’m sorry if this was one big jumble, hopefully it was easy to read and really helped if you are struggling with how to get a routine down. Let me know in the comments what you think or maybe if you have your own unique ways of having balance in your live.

Puma Fierce Strap SwanCaliroots

Pictures By Mikael Örtenheim
Edited By Gambitsky



Use your repair shampoo and conditioner after you finish bleaching. The faster you get the repair product in your hair, the better the results. Massage your scalp gently and slowly work the shampoo from your head down to the tips of the hair
Try to use the coldest shower water you can, as heat hurts hair.  I’m using a tone correcting Shampoo & Conditioner that helps to keep a colder tone while giving it the moisturizing that it needs.

Gently towel your hair and then let it air dry. You do not want to use blow-dryers or heat to dry off. Use your fingers and a towel to get most of the water off, but let your hair air-dry for the most part. If you want to style your hair Use a heat protection on your hair.

Apply a dry conditioner or a Moisturizing oil Mist . Apply it before bed and leave it in overnight. Dry conditioner / Oil mist supplies vital moisture and nutrients needed to keep it healthy and happy.

Repeat this care for 2-3 more times for the first week after bleaching. One treatment will help your hair, but you need to keep your hair healthy shortly after getting it bleached to prevent it from breaking, getting split ends, or drying out. <3
Use tones of Coconut Oil as well, if you feel that your hair is way too damaged.



When I was a kid; My lovely mother used to dressed me with tracksuits and matching sneakers. She picked up very carefully the colors; the material and the brand that my siblings and I would wear for the weekends.
My love and interest for sneakers and street wear has always been there since I was a kid. Today this interest has taken another side; discovering new brands and new items to put into my collection has become a hunt and a forever passion that I like to combine with into my “other kind” of style.

Combining different clothing pieces is something that is very fun to experiment with. This skirt is very preppy but instead of wearing it with heels and a blouse;  I decided to wear a comfortable sweater & my favorite pair of sneakers.

If you decide to wear clothes that doesn’t show your body so well; try to balance your outfit with one piece that has a tight fit on  your body and the other one has to be a loose fit. For example If you wear a pair of  skinny jeans, use a loose fit on your blouse or t-shirt, this way the styling will emphasize the best of your body.

NMD ADIDAS- Adidas Sneakers

Photo by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky




1.Color Correctors Peach & Green- URBAN DECAY


2.Foundation Power Fabric- GIORGIO ARMANI


3. Contour kit- NARS


4. Sweet Cheeks blush palette- NYX COSMETICS


5.  Grandiôse Liner & Grandiôse Extreme Mascara- LANCÔME


6. Lip Pencil Ruby Woo- MAC

gambitsky gambitskygambitsky


ORANGE GLAM FOR THE WEEKEND 😀 !Eyes & Countour – Sweet Cheeks & Naked Ultimate Basics NYX Professional Makeup @Urbandecaycosmetics Color Correctors- Urban Decay CosmeticsEyeliner & Mascara Lancôme Lipliner (Waterline) Ruby Woo -MAC CosmeticsFoundation Longwear ArmaniLips- Freestyle @Urbandecay Huda Beauty

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Setting a perfectly wardrobe can be fun and it can absolutely put you free. You will need less, and focus on buying better.  My essentials define my closet quite strong; which makes my mornings less stressful.
My Ladies; combining different pieces can be tricky, but clothes are to have fun and show off your beautiful figure.


What you should have in your Closet:
A Pencil Skirt is a perfect piece that you can dress up with a pair of heels and a blouse; or simply dress it down with a pair of sneakers. It’s very flattering, it says you’re a super woman who’s independent and strong. It works perfectly at night or for an important meeting.

gambitsky9 (kopia)

A T-shirt; it’s simple and easy. I wear different kind of T-shirts during summer; it works perfectly with pretty much everything. Which makes it a must piece in your closet; trust me Girlfriend… You won’t regret it.




Trends, Trends, Trends!
Am i the only one who has a difficult time to find out what kind of hair trends we have this year? Who cares about trends anyways ;D
– I’m very happy to see the freedom we have with our hair nowadays, to bleach it, dyeing it using crazy and gorgeous colors and last but not least cutting it in different ways.
But not all of us are committed to dye our hair in different colors since it literally kills our hair.
If you have been reading my blog for a while now; you probably know i had been a big fan of  dyeing my hair in several colors which at the end made me cut my hair short and go back to my dark hair.
That’s why I’m so happy about this product.

If you follow me on Snapchat (Gambitsky) You probably had seen that I was lucky enough to join the Nordic Colorista Squad to Stockholm for the launching of this new product that I’m so exited to introduce.


Colorista is pretty much make up for your hair. You can spray your hair with 5 different colors that washes out when you shower your hair.  This product really gives you the freedom to wear different hair colors without damaging your hair; which I really love.
Since my lovely Sandra and I were attending a party during the weekend I had the freedom to fix her hair and Well… as you can see I went kind of crazy on her hair. But I really love the results; it looks very natural on the hair and it doesn’t stain your clothes. (Style & Apply the Colorista spray on your hair BEFORE wearing your pretty clothes; that process can be a little bit messy. Thank me later Girlfriend. 😉
Also some of you might wonder what kind of colors  Girls with black hair can use; and I’m happy to announce that We can actually use the Pastel Blue & Lavender colors. For the best results spray quite close to your hair, that way the color will be more visible.







Looking back on 2016, it was obviously a hard year for all involved. So many insane and sad things happened it was almost hard to remember the good. As I was looking through my camera roll last night, I realized that so much has happened that I haven’t even appreciated. I can’t believe how much I have grown this year as a person. There are so many things that I still need to work on, but I wanted to just write this blog post to take a moment to reflect and also see what I want to improve on during this beautiful new year that is 2017 🙂 .

A huge thing that happened in 2016 was moving into my own apartment. I remember it like it was yesterday … all those mixed feelings at that time.  The first time at my apartment I only had a totally new blanket my mom gave me, a pillow, a laptop, and  random plants everywhere in my tiny new space that I today call home.  I sent my mom photos of my home when i was done putting everything on place; letting her see that I was ok and so was my home.
Whenever I  see those pictures is a tug at my heart that just reminds me of how lucky I am and how much things can grow and be created. Now my apartment is my literal sanctuary. I don’t even think I would change anything about it, which is huge for me to say since I am always fussing around with styling and interior.

Another thing that I am just so happy about is my blog and how I really know what my style is now–what I love to photograph, what kind of mood I want to capture, what clothes I actually like, what I want my future career to be. I have experimented with all types of styles in the past, and if you scroll back into the archives of my blog (please don’t) you can see how my style has evolved every year. I feel like now I truly know what I like and what I don’t like; something I have been working on for so long. Obviously my style will continue to change, but at least I feel like I have a really good grip on it now.

When it comes to love, well… It hasn’t been the year for it. I have been focusing on myself, learning how to love myself, my body and the people who really care about me.  To be able to meet someone and let it in into my life has been hard because I’ve been scared of sharing my feelings with a guy; which is OK, i just need to take my time… I’m not stressing about it and you shouldn’t either, i guess that the cliche phrase is true.. LOVE comes when you least expect it.
 All I know is every day I work more and more into loving myself. I seriously didn’t think that was possible after hitting rock bottom with my eating disorders.

I also want to thank you guys for supporting me SO much. I would be nowhere if it wasn’t for you all. You make my heart full and you make my dreams literally come true. It is such a pleasure to talk with you guys, to give advice here & snapchat , making blog posts that you guys like and are helpful to you. That is why I do all of this, just because I want to be able to make a little difference in this hectic world. All I want to do is to make others happy or just feel a certain mood and to help. Thank you again just to those who have been with me since the beginning or have just started following me! It has been such a wonderful journey.



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