Finally back home in Oslo; I have been running everywhere all these days. Unfortunately I caught a cold and I’m currently dying in my bed.   But I didn’t let the flu stopping me from showing you this lovely outfit.

I wanted to share my last look shot at home wearing a beautiful light blue skirt from Missguided in combination with a white blouse. A classic and always elegant color combination. I ordered these last week since it would be great to wear it during spring and the summer.  😀



Natural and healthy skin is something that I really look to have every single day before putting any make up on or just having a bare face, I thought what better time is there to share my favorite skin care products than now that the summer is just around the corner.

Sometimes it’s nice to let your skin breath without makeup and really connect with your natural beauty, am I right? Though I use a lot of different things and am constantly experimenting, I only wanted to share what I felt to be the most effective products—the ones that I can always rely on and come back on a daily basis.

Glam Glow Gravitymud:
I sometimes use this in the morning when I wake up before jumping into the shower. I leave it on my skin until it dries, around 15-20 minutes and peel it off right after. It leaves your skin feeling firmer and more lifted. I really love the feeling & glow this product gives to my skin. It’s a great way to start the day!

Swiss clinic :
I’ve used this cream for a couple of months now and I always come back to it because it really gets the job done. Not only is it a great moisturizer, but it’s a great primer for foundation. I always put it on in the morning & night since it also has a night cream and it really hydrates my skin when it feels dull and tired, kind of renewing the natural glow of it.  Just a dab on your fingers and gently massage in circular motions until it dries.

And there you have it! My favorite skin care products that keep my skin looking healthy and feeling fresh without makeup. Don’t forget to celebrate your natural beauty! :*



I have always believed in the importance of a great fragrance. The scent you leave behind is sort of like your signature, something that is uniquely you, and I believe, it says a lot more about you and your personal style than clothing and accessories do!

Personally, I like to try out  different fragrances and find myself using two different ones depending on my mood or what I’m wearing for the day.  Wearing perfume for me it’s very important; I would never leave the house without putting it on… Otherwise I would feel very naked.
Even though I use two different perfumes during the week; the two of them become my signature smell, and I recently discovered two of Yves Saint Laurent , Called Mon Paris & Black Opium Floral Shock perfumes. The blend of luxurious blossoms and spiced notes gives me a sense of romance and confidence.  Something about these incredibly chic and sexy fragrances has truly captured my imagination and even inspired my personal style as of late!

Take today’s look for example. I wanted to create a look that would balance sensual and sophisticated elements with a little sweet elements. I opted for a cute jumpsuit with long sleeves which help add an elegant touch to this otherwise very sexy number.



It is not a secret that I’m into sneakers; you guys are very curious on snapchat asking about the models and the brands I use. Personally I wouldn’t call myself a sneaker-head; I don’t collect sneakers in that way. I get what it looks different or what I feel it’s gonna suit my street-wear the best.

How I Usually I pick up them by colors, textures, or just how the model of the sneaker looks like. These pair of blue Adidas Clima Cool are just a dream; they are see through on the sides and the shoe has a the same see through detail on  the front; which makes the sneaker stand out, helping your outfit to stand out as much as the shoes. Cool, huh?.

To complete my look, I decided to wear a lovely 80’s inspired jacket and an black overall. These are the kind of outfits I really enjoy wearing. Don’t get me wrong, wearing heels and being preppy is very fun to. But this style, is what I rather wear for a day out with friends or a lunch.

Tracksuit Jacket- Reebok Classic Vector Full Zip

Pictures by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky


I love being short. About a solid 27% of the time. Just like I love working out when I shamelessly haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks; it feels good for a brief moment until you realize once again what a pain in the (sweaty) butt it is. At a solid 158cm, the holy grail of Asos considers me just small enough to shop their wondrous ‘petite collection’ and so I consider myself a petite human being among our giant population that only seems to exist of supermodels walking the earth. And all because my body decided to maintain it’s 12y old form forever. When everyone else was still developing their vertical talents, I too had hopes that one day my legs would be as long and gracious as those of Gisele Bündchen. It took me a long time to finally admit defeat -longer than I’d like to admit- and to come to terms with the fact that I was not born to be a supermodel. Or any kind of model for that matter (one word: chocolate. Okay, two words: chocolate &  white wine).

So every day anew I’m learning to handle the triumphs and trials of my vertically challenged existence. From not being able to reach anything on any upper shelves without having to grab the nearest kiddy stepladder (yes I own one of them, don’t judge) all the way to cute men friends going straight to and hitting on my tall friend when we be grooving in da club (or the nearest party where they serve wine, don’t judge). Said friend -or any other friend for that matter- always seems to lose me in said big crowds when we step on the dance floor.

Here is a short, and massively incomplete, list of other trials that I must deal with every day (ps: tall friends, you know who you are, pay attention):

  • Being used as an armrest at inappropriate times. Actually, there is never an appropriate time to do this.
  • When I switch in my heels for sneakers on one of my fuck-it days, I hear a lot of gasps, get a lot of stares and receive a lot of comments à la “I didn’t know you were so short” –> “Really, I hadn’t noticed.” The surprise-face men friends give me when I take off my heels at their apartment after a night about town reveal their thought process goes something like “She deceived me.” Yep I did. Long live pretty heeled shoes.
  • I always get stuck in the middle of the backseat. Always. I don’t think many people realize just how uncomfortable that middle seat is … right, because they never have to sit there.
  • Ankle grazing maxi-dresses become street-grazing dirty dresses if I wear them. And I love being a princess with long flow-y dresses. Imagine the many silent cries in the fitting room every time such gorgeous long dress looks like they put a kid in her mother’s clothes.
  • I also have an immense urge to massively eyeroll until my eye almost pops out of its eyeholder when magazines tell me to avoid certain styles because they make me look like a less flattering version of myself. If that were true, I wouldn’t be able to wear anything anymore because everything makes me look short; midi dresses, maxi dresses, culottes, wide pants, short pants, long pants, square pants … Like, no. Just no. I will wear trendy pieces and I will then gladly live with the fact that I look like a short, unflattering version of spongebob with said square pants.

Luckily I sometimes still get some triumphs out of being among the tiniest of humans. People are lucky to know me, since I have a big personality to compensate all that height, complete with a whole lot of sassiness and sarcastic nonsense. Yes, I like being mean. No, I am not going to apologize.
I also get to be prime front-and-center in group photos since sticking me in the back means that you’d just see the top of an awesome hairdo. I think of myself more than just a hairdo, thank you very much. I also get access to all the cute-and-also-vertically-challenged guy friends, there is a whole new world down here!

But most of all, us shorties maintain a great perspective on life because we are always looking up and therefore seeing all the positive things life has to offer. When we’re not struggling to grab things off of high shelves or admiring models on Instagram. Well, that’s still about 27% of positivity. Yay shorties!

Photo by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky



Unique ways of having balance in your live.

Hello my lovely cupcakes!

You know how much I love to share my life experiences with you; I also appreciate the lovely words I get from you every single time I put my heart out here. Life is not easy; but we can make it a little bit easier by trying new things that work better for our daily routines, communication with others and experimenting with yourself and what’s around you.
I am a really organized person, I still get really nervous and anxious about the little things in life or when I feel as if I have a to-do list breathing down my back. And though I am super happy a majority of the time, stress is my worst enemy. It makes me want to cry, push away everyone, lash out, and sort of just want to disappear for a little. Which is why it has become so important to me that I don’t get to those points…which can be so hard–especially when I (and a majority of all of us) have emails, due dates, blogging picture due dates, meetings. But, that is why balance is also so important.
I learned that the best way I get things done is to do them as early as possible. This eliminates so, so much of my stress. Basically, if I have a free day or a free chunk of time out of my day in which I have no plans, I start an assignment that might be due like a week or two from then. I know, it seems a little insane, but you will be so shocked when you realize how much stress that eliminates.
Now, what about other things? When I am done with what I have to do, I reward myself. That is when I take my blogging pictures, listen to music, feeling free and happy and as if I have conquered my day. Just utilize that time to do the things you love to do. Write, maybe see a friend, go for coffee.
So many of you have part-time jobs, internships, sports.
#1. With your leftover time, divide it up. One hour for yoga, another hour for photography/writing. Then, after dinner and when you’re having relaxing time, answer a couple of emails, prepare yourself for tomorrow, plan out your outfit. I love planning the night before because I know then I won’t be scrambling in the morning–I can have my cup of coffee, check Instagram, maybe even watch the news. It just gives a real sense of inner peace and you will feel even more stress-free.
While we are talking about balance, I also want to say that I think it is really important if you can just have a day, or maybe even half a day, to just focus on yourself. No work, no assignments, just you and maybe a nice shower/bath, some tea, a facial, a book. If every week you can have a little time to yourself, it will make you feel even more balanced and happy.
Conquering balance in your life is not an easy thing. Even though I have found the routines that work for me, I still get stressful moments. You just have to breathe and realize that everything will seriously be okay. And that there are always people out there to help. I love you and I’m sorry if this was one big jumble, hopefully it was easy to read and really helped if you are struggling with how to get a routine down. Let me know in the comments what you think or maybe if you have your own unique ways of having balance in your live.

Puma Fierce Strap SwanCaliroots

Pictures By Mikael Örtenheim
Edited By Gambitsky



Use your repair shampoo and conditioner after you finish bleaching. The faster you get the repair product in your hair, the better the results. Massage your scalp gently and slowly work the shampoo from your head down to the tips of the hair
Try to use the coldest shower water you can, as heat hurts hair.  I’m using a tone correcting Shampoo & Conditioner that helps to keep a colder tone while giving it the moisturizing that it needs.

Gently towel your hair and then let it air dry. You do not want to use blow-dryers or heat to dry off. Use your fingers and a towel to get most of the water off, but let your hair air-dry for the most part. If you want to style your hair Use a heat protection on your hair.

Apply a dry conditioner or a Moisturizing oil Mist . Apply it before bed and leave it in overnight. Dry conditioner / Oil mist supplies vital moisture and nutrients needed to keep it healthy and happy.

Repeat this care for 2-3 more times for the first week after bleaching. One treatment will help your hair, but you need to keep your hair healthy shortly after getting it bleached to prevent it from breaking, getting split ends, or drying out. <3
Use tones of Coconut Oil as well, if you feel that your hair is way too damaged.



When I was a kid; My lovely mother used to dressed me with tracksuits and matching sneakers. She picked up very carefully the colors; the material and the brand that my siblings and I would wear for the weekends.
My love and interest for sneakers and street wear has always been there since I was a kid. Today this interest has taken another side; discovering new brands and new items to put into my collection has become a hunt and a forever passion that I like to combine with into my “other kind” of style.

Combining different clothing pieces is something that is very fun to experiment with. This skirt is very preppy but instead of wearing it with heels and a blouse;  I decided to wear a comfortable sweater & my favorite pair of sneakers.

If you decide to wear clothes that doesn’t show your body so well; try to balance your outfit with one piece that has a tight fit on  your body and the other one has to be a loose fit. For example If you wear a pair of  skinny jeans, use a loose fit on your blouse or t-shirt, this way the styling will emphasize the best of your body.

NMD ADIDAS- Adidas Sneakers


Photo by Mikael Örtenheim
Edited by Gambitsky